Hungry For God

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Great Book

Basking in His Presence: A Call to the Prayer of Silence by Bill Volkman

This is the best book I've read in a long time - I highly recommend it. It's uplifting and practical and full of truth and wonderful insight. I love it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

He Is On The Move

I just realized that in the past week, 7 people that I know personally have been led to the Lord, have become Christians in the sense that they have accepted what the cross has done for them, have come to believe in Jesus for their salvation. Wow! Coincidentally, harvest is about to begin here...

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Battle Zone

I just sent this as an e-mail to a I realized that I am once again in a battle zone...not once again, but always. I guess I just forgot for a while that this is going on all around me and in my mind. :) We are called to fight the good fight, to put on the whole armor of God, to deflect the lies of the enemy, to send him home with his tail between his legs when we remind him that he's already lost the battle....

I just wanted to share with you that about a week ago, I read this chapter (Captivating, by Eldridge). Since then, the Lord has been diligently showing me the ways that I am believing the lies of the enemy, even in my relationship with HIM. I am the one who "doesn't speak" AND who "doesn't have anything to offer." The enemy has told me that I have yet to suffer the consequences of my sin, lying even about my own if JESUS were not enough, as if His death can't even begin to cover MY sins....

It is true that you have to make a choice WHO to believe every day, and even if you are seeking the Lord, that doesn't mean that satan won't continue the onslaught. I have also been listening to Beth Moore's "Breaking Free," which is teaching me that I can stand in the blessings He has given, and it has come as some encouragement to know that women all over the world are oppressed also. So I'm NOT the only satan would have me believe.

I think the reason why I am so drawn to IHOP KC is because of the truth (their gifting is impartation) that they are continously shouting - that HE LIKES ME!!! My dearest aunt Vicki has spoken this over me several times in the past couple of weeks. We know God loves us - He loves the whole world, as John 3:16 says, but He doesn't LIKE the whole world. In fact, there is much to detest of the state of the world presently...but HE LIKES His children, those who have chosen Him, even if they are so faulty...I can't turn away from that, because it builds my faith, builds my courage to follow after my lover...after all...a marriage is hard enough with just love..but when you truly LIKE your spouse, it's actually enjoyable. It's fun, it's good. And as I've prayed Eph 6 - putting on the WHOLE armor of God - I've asked - what really is Your truth? I need to know what the truth is about me and about you, otherwise I cannot gird myself with it!! And, He has answered that He likes me. Satan would take that away (and has) daily...but for now, I'm trying to remember the truth and forget the lies.

I have written several times about how He likes me even in my weakness...about the truths He has spoken to my heart about who I am and what He feels about me, but I seem to forget. It's not even really that I forget, but satan would lie and lie and lie and lie until the truth seems far off and unbelievable. Don't you hate him? Thankfully Jesus has already won the victory, and is longing to teach us that also. Lord, give me the strength to escape the snare. Give me discernment and open my eyes to the difference between YOUR truth and satan's lies.